Frequently Asked Questions:

"Can I install this myself?"
  • All you need to install TruckTyles is a drill, wrenches and about an hour to an hour and a half. 
  • If you are by yourself, you can assemble all the parts in place, right in the truck bed. The mounting brackets themselves provide a drilling template once the assembled unit is in position. 
  • The assembled product weighs in ~100-140lbs depending on bed length. So, if you have a friend, you can even assemble TruckTyles on a table first and then lift it right in.
"Why the individual Tyles?"
  • The TruckTyles system was specifically designed with shipping, durability to weight, and ease of install in mind.
  • First, the interlocking design of the individually CNC cut and formed Tyles is what allows for such strength across the bed span with minimal parts and weight. 
  • Second, TruckTyles were engineered to break down for more flexible shipping options. We can ship one unit in a box to your door, or we can palletize multiple units for bulk freight shipment from our warehouse.
  • Third, even though the Tyles are made of thicker steel (read: not aluminum) than a truck bed to begin with, and have either powdercoat or polyurea coating, you might find a way to damage one. No worries, just unbolt it and replace it with a new one.
  • And finally, the Tyles are just plain handy for creating your own custom, interchangeable Tyles by drilling holes and hard-mounting accessories like bike racks, lock boxes or... anything you want.